Hi there 👋🏼

1 min readJun 27, 2023

Just wanted to give a quick update to the wonderful people who, at some point, hit that “follow” button on my profile and amazingly wanted to read what I write.

The thing is, I haven’t stopped writing. This is my proof.

My longest writing streak, I think, has been 127. Then I stopped, and started again (like most of us moody, persistent, yet can-be-lazy-sometimes writers do). Today I published my 41st piece (on my second attempt to write daily for as long as I can).

I’ve stopped posting on Medium because I stopped following the best practices when it comes to content creation—I’ve stopped using click-worthy headlines, frameworks, formulas, and other tricks I usually recommend to clients at my dayjob and freelance work. And I assumed no one cares and that no one would ever want to read boring entries about my life and how I’m trying to get it together as a young adult.

I simply longed for a space where I wasn’t conscious nor bothered by how many people have read, commented, clapped, or liked (or disliked) what I wrote. A space to freely explore my thoughts with the thrill of putting my words out there, without fear of judgment.

Like a diary, but a public one.

A public one, yet without the avenue to receive hate and criticism. Which also means it is blocked off from love and serendipitous conversations with strangers.

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision.




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