How the Power of Focus Can Help You Win at Monopoly (and in Business)

2 min readNov 9, 2022

For the first time in forever, I won at Monopoly.

Before, I would scramble to get my hands on every property, making deals that cost me hundreds of Monopoly money. But tonight I focused on acquiring one color set and saving every extra bill I get (in case I land on my opponent’s property or had to pay income taxes).

While my opponents squandered their money on more properties, I saved and focused on growing one color set. Slowly, I bought buildings until I could afford to upgrade them to hotels.

Long story short, I won. And luck aside, it was the power of focus at work.

When building a value ladder, experts recommend focusing on one product first until it brings in steady sales. In creating a market targeting strategy, businesses must serve just one and eventually expand when they have the resources to do so. And when choosing a social media marketing platform, it’s better to master one channel first instead of spreading oneself thin and trying to be everywhere all at once.

The power of focus can help you win at monopoly — and in business.

“Anyone can say no to bad ideas, but only a focused person can say no to good ideas. Focus is about saying no.” — Farnam Street

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